Rental Car Accident Lawyer

Rental Car Accident Lawyer

Rental Car Accident Lawyer – Renting a car to move around the city when we travel, whether for sightseeing on vacation or for a business trip, is the preferred means of transportation for many people.

In addition, car rental companies offer us better and better vehicles and conditions.

But … what happens in case of having a car accident? Do we have insurance that covers us? Who do we have to complain to?

The first thing you need to know is that when you rent a car, compulsory third party insurance is included in the rental agreement.

This insurance is a basic insurance that covers damages caused to other vehicles or people, although car rental companies also offer other options such as comprehensive insurance or franchise comprehensive insurance.

Of course, depending on the type of coverage you choose and insurance, could increase the cost of renting the vehicle.

Accident with rental car, possible scenarios

When we have an accident with a rental car, we can face two situations: be the culprit of the accident or the other vehicle is responsible.

Rental Car Accident Lawyer

Rental Car Accident Lawyer
Rental Car Accident Lawyer

What can we do in each situation?

If you are to blame for the accident

The basic compulsory third party insurance would not cover these damages, therefore, the company could claim damages to the vehicle.

Therefore, an option to take into account is to contract the full insurance or some additional option that also covers the damages that we can cause in the event of an accident.

If you are the victim of the accident

In the event that the other driver is responsible for the accident, you can claim compensation through the usual procedure.

The fact that the car is rented and not owned by us does not change our rights to claim or the responsibility of the other driver if we suffer injuries caused by a third party.

Similarly, the occupants of the vehicle, either our fault or the responsibility of the other driver, will always be entitled to claim compensation.

It is also important that you know that, as we said in our post about “Accident with a foreign car: what to do and how to claim”, if the insurers did not agree and you received a subpoena, the trial would be in the city where the accident.

But if you can not move and go, there is the option to give your lawyer special powers to represent you in the trial of the car rental accident.

Finally, we want to advise that whenever you rent a vehicle you check before you get your status, if you have a hit, something does not work correctly, etc.

And if so, leave it embodied in the lease.

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